Remit2India turns 10 years old

Longevity in the Internet space has always been a challenge for most ventures, especially the Indian ones. There are, however, a few prominent exceptions. Remit2India, the flagship brand from TimesofMoney, recently completed 10 years of helping NRIs bringing money safely back home.

India has always been one of the largest receivers of remittances thanks to the large NRI community across the globe. At the turn of the century, the options to send money home were limited and restricted to cumbersome & inefficient ‘offline’ methods, which even came at a huge price to the sender of the money. And that is when Remit2India was created to change the way the industry functions. Riding the online wave, Remit2India was the pioneer in creating a proposition that allowed the sender to use the efficiencies & convenience of the Internet to send money home. Gone were the days of endless waits for cheques to credit & also paying high fees to wire the money from overseas.

Today, Remit2India continues to be a leader in the online remittance space, which in turn is the fastest growing option for NRIs to send money. With a customer base of over 500,000 loyal NRIs, Remit2India has always thrived on being the innovator in this space. Right from introducing first-of-its-kind products like Direct Debits, Remittance Cards, SMS Alerts to getting industry recognitions like Brand Leadership Awards and a recognition of ‘World’s No.1 Independent Online Money Transfer Portal for NRIs’ in an AC Nielsen study, Remit2India has become the chosen option for NRIs looking for a safe & trusted option to send money.

To mark its celebrations, Remit2India has chosen to reward the people who have helped it become such a huge brand – its customers. All this month, Remit2India is running ‘The Perfect 10’ offer where apart from the customer getting a guaranteed extra amount per transfer, there are a host of engaging offers based on the theme of ‘10’. NRIs from all over the world are invited to participate in the offer & join in the festivities.


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