Money Transfer India: – A reason to invest in the Real Estate sector

Review the history of humankind and the most prominent thing to notice is the constant movements of people across natural as well as man-made boundaries.  The adventure of discovery, the search for a better life in the face of destitution and misery caused by natural and man-made calamities, and above all, an indomitable human spirit have pushed people around over the centuries. The progress of human civilization is inconceivable without these movements. However, people and companies bridge across these boundaries seamlessly to work, travel or do business. And this necessitates the need to transfer money across countries, buy or sell currencies, e-transfer and also invest in real estate sector. This is what online India money transfer companies have helped its customers do over the past so many years.

According to recent World Bank’s Migration and Remittances Fact book 2011 report, Indians living and working abroad transfer home a whopping $55 bn this year as compared to $49.6 bn last year. Indiaand Chinaaccount for almost a quarter of the worldwide remittance flows of $440bn in 2010. The sheer volume of remittances making their way across the globe and their already salient role in many developing economies hints at a vast and yet untapped potential. ‘Transfer money India, seems to be the mantra for various Indians settled abroad.

Also enabling these flows is the widespread presence of institutions like banks and remittance providers that allow the money earned by Indians abroad to be converted to India money and sent to Indians in rural areas who may not even have a bank account.

However, it is important to consider certain areas that need attention to ensure that India money flows remain strong and that the Non-Resident Indian population gets the assurances it needs to keep sending money back home.

Besides sending money for parents and dependents, one of the biggest reasons NRIs seek to transfer money India is to build or keep a home. For emotional reasons, sentimental attachment and family ties, there will always be NRIs willing to invest in their home towns inIndia. Infact, several real estate projects acrossIndia have garnered approximately 10-20 percent participation from NRIs.

The return on investment provided by real estate inIndiahas been more attractive than that offered by other developed nations. Also, the simplified process of investments has reversed the equation and many NRIs have been consistently investing in Indian properties.

Adding to the above, many NRIs in the USand UKare not as confident as before of sanctity of their employment, while others are disturbed by negative economic patterns across developed countries. Therefore, they see greater potential to invest in properties in Indiaand hence the concept of transfer money India is gaining prominence thereby overcoming the current economic setbacks. Appreciations anywhere upwards of 15 percent per annum and rental yields of 4-6 percent on property are another reason whyIndia has been a happy hunting ground for the NRI audiences to invest in real estate and allied sectors.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that many real estate companies inIndiaare making renewed efforts to attract NRIs to transfer money to be invested in this ever burgeoning property market.

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My first experience with Remit2India

Remit2India, Remit2India services, Remit2India Features

I will be frank and say my first experience with Remit2India was not perfect. But when I carefully reviewed and spoke to the sales person, I understood the issue was a misunderstanding and it was sorted out. Since then I’m very comfortable with Remit2India’s money transfer to my NRE account in ICICI.

Transferrd funds thru Remit2india

Remit2India, Remit2India services, Remit2India Features

I am currently in Australia and hv transferrd funds thru remit2india from the last 3 months. I did 4 transactions and am happy by their service and quality of work. My mom and dad in india are happy. they get money I send on time. remit2india always come up with something new – like attractive offers and I like it. great site. Keep up good work guys!

But with remit2india its been easy-the website is easy to understnd

Remit2India, Remit2India services, Remit2India Features

I think remitting money through banks and other online portals suck! But with remit2india its been easy-the website is easy to understnd, transactions smooth and customer service good. Thanks a ton remit2india!

~Shirley Patel, Leicestershire United Kingdom

I was surprised at first with the quality of service I got from Remit2India

Remit2India, Remit2India services, Remit2India Features

“ i was surprised at first with the quality of service I got from Remit2India, but then after using the service for over a yr, im happy nw. Gr8 exchange rates, simple procedure to remit money, brilliant customer service.”

~Devesh Mehta, New Jersey

I think Remit2india beleives customer is king

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“I think Remit2india beleives customer is king. Their service is simple n speedy. Ive been using it for 4 years and had a wonderful experience. I really lovd the personal touch they offer with their service. Im a big fan of rupee express. good job guys.

~Manju Nambiar, Canada

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