Go Gadgets!

It’s not rare that we create contests for you. You probably know that better than we do. We have given away Cars, More Money, a chance to see the IPL on YouTube, Free FIFA Original Gear and Calling Cards. But this time, I think, we have outdone ourselves..

I am so proud of this, I just hope I dont give any hints away to you.

Tell you what, just wait for it to be announced!! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this and watch this space for more information:

Remit2India Go Gadget

Remit2India’s Penalty Shoot Out

Is the Football World Cup on your mind? It’s on ours too! Since we have that in common, we thought we would share the frenzy with you.

Welcome to Remit2India’s Penalty Shoot Out! We are taking advantage of the fact that you love football as much as we do and hope to make your experience as close to exciting as possible. Log on to Remit2India, register (if you have not already done so) and participate in the daily contest at http://bit.ly/R2IFootball.

Participation is simple. Predict the winners for the questions on the site and you could be a winner. 2 daily winners stand a chance to win Original Football World Cup Jerseys. 2 REALLY lucky winners stand a chance to win Original World Cup Jabulani Footballs every week.

Need we tell you more?

Kick-start your chance to win some cool original football goodies!

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