Different Ways of Sending Money to India from UK

The United Kingdom is among the top countries that sends money to India every year. Remit2India helps you to send money from UK to India in many ways. Let’s find out different ways of sending money to India from UK:

Online Transfer – An online transfer can be done anytime from anywhere. With good speed, money moved through online service reaches the recipient within two working days. The process is hassle-free and does not require you to visit the bank. As soon as you initiate an online money transfer from your account after booking the transaction on Remit2India, the transfer is processed.  And if you want to send more money, later on, you can easily fill an online form in your Remit2India account on the website. The best part of an online transfer through Remit2India is that your bank does not charge anything extra for this transfer. Your money is also received through direct credit in India. So for sending money from UK to India easily, an online transfer is the best option.

Guaranteed Rate Transfer – This money transfer option lets you lock an exchange rate for your transaction. You can do this while booking a transaction through our website. This type of transaction protects against market fluctuations, and the receiver gets an assured amount. A money transfer initiated through guaranteed rate transfer reaches the recipient within two working days. This transfer process does not require you to visit the bank and is completely convenient. It does not charge extra fees, and your money is received through direct credit in India. This is the best option if you want to send an assured amount despite market fluctuation.

Net Banking Transfer – It is a money transfer process that allows you to send money anytime, anywhere through your local bank’s internet banking service. It is a quick way to transfer money from UK to India as the money reaches the recipient within two working days. This process is very secure as Remit2India does not keep your details in the system. It is a completely online process, so you do not need to visit the bank. The transfer reaches as soon as you book the transaction on Remit2India website and initiate a money transfer from your local bank account. You can also send more money if required by filling an online form in the Remit2India account. It does not charge extra fees, and the money is received by the recipient through direct credit.

Wire Transfer – You can book a transaction and send a wire transfer to Remit2India account. This is cost-effective as it is not considered as an international wire transfer. You can initiate this transaction to our account from any local bank. We set a wire transfer from our account to your recipient for the desired amount. The service is fast, and your money reaches the recipient in 2 working days. If needed, you can also add some more money to the transfer by simply filling an online form in your Remit2India account. Charges may vary according to different banks for wire transfers, but the amount is usually lesser than an international wire transfer fees. The money transferred through wire transfer reaches the recipient through direct credit. If you urgently require to send a wire transfer from UK, this is the best way.

So, there you have it, quick modes for sending or transferring money to India from UK through efficient and easy process offered by Remit2India. For any queries, visit http://www.remit2india.com or call us at 0800-0163404

Remit2India NRI Family Day celebrated in New Delhi with great enthusiasm













Known for its historical and political importance as also for its famous architectural monuments like the Qutub Minar, Humayun’s tomb and the Red Fort, India’s capital witnessed a spectacular evening this Sunday, filled with a wide variety of performances, activities and contests at the NRI Family Day, organized by Remit2India.

Remit2India, that serves over a million NRIs worldwide with its online money transfer service, extended its consumer connect initiative to New Delhi and recently gave 500 of its NRI families and friends a reason to celebrate. The Lalit, New Delhi played host to Remit2India NRI Family Day, an evening that witnessed a mélange of entertainment for each and every one present. From a breathtaking performance by India’s fastest guitarist Apernit Singh, to dance performances by talented international artists, the event had it all. The evening also witnessed activities like no other, and included free health check-ups, face painting, tarot card reading & photo sessions, all of which saw excellent participation from the families.


Speaking on this occasion, Kunnal Sharma, Business Head – Global Remittances, TimesofMoney said, “No countrywide celebration is complete without Delhi on its map. And true to its reputation, the city welcomed the NRI Family Day with great enthusiasm. We are delighted with the overwhelming response we received from over 500 NRI families for the Remit2India NRI Family Day. The event has provided us an opportunity to connect with our valuable customers, and thank them and their families for their continued support.”

Key partners for the event included Harit Dharaa, Jet Airways, Leonia Resorts, LIC Housing Finance Ltd., Moolchand Hospital and Volvo.

Congratulations Meenakshi! Enjoy the Remit2India Har Din Diwali MAHA Gift Hamper!

Meenakshi Kandala

Meenakshi Kandala, Austin, Texas, Winner of Remit2India Har Din Diwali MAHA Gift Hamper

The much anticipated announcement is here! As promised we have announced the winner of the extremely coveted MAHA Gift Hamper a la Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee with Karan’ Hamper! (tongue strictly in cheek! :P)

The winner of Remit2India Har Din Diwali MAHA Gift Hamper is…

Meenakshi Kandala from San Antonio, Texas!

Here’s what Meenakshi had to say on winning the hamper, which admittedly, came as an unexpected pleasant surprise:

“I have to send money to India for various reasons but Remit2India has made it absolutely convenient and easy. I am glad to use your service. I would recommend this service to my friends and I very much appreciate it. Anyway, thanks once again for your continued excellence. All the promotion that they advertise it is excellent.”


The Remit2India Har Din Diwali MAHA Gift Hamper winner was chosen from a sweepstakes draw amongst all Remit2India customers who participated in ‘Remit2India Har Din Diwali Contest’. Over 20,000 Remit2India NRI customers participated in the month long extravaganza. Prizes worth more than Rs. 20 Lakh were won by Remit2India customers.

The Remit2India Har Din Diwali MAHA Gift Hamper won by Meenakshi Kandala includes the following amazing electronic goodies ranging from laptop and iPod to microwave and washing machine!

  • Samsung LCD TV
  • Acer Laptop
  • Videocon Refrigerator
  • Videocon Washing Machine
  • Kodak Digicam
  • Nokia Mobile phone
  • Apple Ipod
  • Philips DVD player
  • Samsung Microwave
  • Maharaja Food Processor

The Remit2india Team congratulates Meenakshi on her MAHA win and wishes her all the good luck and happiness in times to come.

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