Now it pays to stay in touch with your NRI friends and relatives

Remit2India - Har Naam Par Inaam offer

Refer an NRI and win amazing prizes

Remit2India, the chosen online remittance service for millions of NRIs across the globe, brings about yet another innovation for its customers and users in general. It has introduced a novel way for YOU to benefit by merely referring your NRI friend or relative.

Introducing Remit2India’s ‘Har Naam Par Inaam’ a referral program where YOU get to refer as many NRI friends to Remit2India as you want. And as soon as they use Remit2India, you get a Rs. 2,250/-* travel voucher PER referral. What’s more, one lucky winner will get a chance to fly and meet his or her friend anywhere across the world. In addition, your friend you have referred will also get a travel voucher worth Rs.3,000/-*

Remit2India's - Har Naam Par Inaam offer - Stay in touch with your NRI friends and family and win big prizes

It pays to stay in touch with your NRI friends & relatives

We all have friends from schools, colleges and our neighborhoods, who are living abroad. Thanks to Facebook and other social media platforms, we are connected with them online.  With Har Naam Par Inaam, you can get your NRI friends to be part of the Remit2India family – and both your friend & you benefit.

So if you have a friend in Sydney or a cousin in London, this is the time to make the most of your network. And who knows you might be visiting them soon.

*Prizes courtesy Ezeego1, terms and conditions apply. For more information, log on to

It pays to stay in touch with your NRI friends & relatives - BIG TIME!

Participate in ‘Har Naam Par Inaam’ & Win – BIG TIME!

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