Is wire transfer Safe?

When it comes to our hard earned money, we would not want it to go into wrong hands because of some errors unknowingly committed by us!! We become extremely cautious when it comes to transferring money to our loved ones staying far away and especially when timely money transactions are the only way for us to show our own family members, that We are there when it matters!!

In a recent study , it was observed that a major chunk of people are very skeptical when it comes to sending money via the WIRE transfer method. Well, reasons for the same could be the extensive and time consuming procedure of having to go physically to a bank, filling the form and completing formalities which is not feasible in this Jet age.  Also, the catch here is that someone on the receiving end will have to go in personally to make the transaction there.

But another smart way out would be to use Remit2India as the money transfer partner. Its the safest way and the site is also verisign secure and has a 128 bit data encryption.

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