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Like the title suggests, you too could make a difference to India. We wont even make a big deal out of it. Literally!!

We have a lot of options for you to choose from and hopefully one of those will grab your attention. With options ranging from education to religion, we empower you to send money to a charity of your choice. With no charges we ensure that all the money you send goes as is to the charity you are sending money in India to.

Click the banner below and know how to send money to India and the charity you want to help.

Remit2India - Online Donations

And so you too can make India a better place to live in.

(PS: We have launched another program altogether known as “Grow India“. Read about that here.)

Grow India- a unique initiative by Remit2India

The village of Somarkheda is 1057 km northeast of Mumbai. It is at a distance of 36 Km from Melghat in the Amaravati District of Maharashtra. The majority of women in this small village are uneducated. There is no proper drainage or sanitation system in place and the unavailability of basic amenities and infrastructure is only adding up to the persisting problems. However this is not only true in case of Somarkheda, but it’s the story of a lot of villages in India, where about 70% of the Indian population dwells.

To help fast track India’s development, Remit2India in collaboration with ‘You’ has initiated ‘Grow India,’ a unique donation program along with World Vision to support the progress of underdeveloped villages. World Vision, for the past 50 years has successfully attempted in imparting education and livelihood to over 5800 communities impacting over 15 million people. World Vision’s on ground force works for positive results, personal encouragement and support.

So we urge you to visit and donate money for this noble cause in just three easy steps.

Extend a helping hand and aid in building a better India.

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