Go Gadgets!

It’s not rare that we create contests for you. You probably know that better than we do. We have given away Cars, More Money, a chance to see the IPL on YouTube, Free FIFA Original Gear and Calling Cards. But this time, I think, we have outdone ourselves..

I am so proud of this, I just hope I dont give any hints away to you.

Tell you what, just wait for it to be announced!! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this and watch this space for more information:

Remit2India Go Gadget

Congratulations Akash Prajapati! He has won a brand new Maruti Suzuki Alto

"Remit2India", "Cash and Car"

Remit2India's Cash and Car offer winner

At Remit2India, we try to create an experience whenever you transfer money to your family. Remit2India’s ‘Cash and Car’ offer was one such endeavor, where we offered our customers the chance to win 1 of 6 brand new cars along with an assured gift for sending money to their friends and relatives in India.

Akash Prajapati from United States won a brand new Maruti Suzuki Alto and here is what he has to say ‘I am very happy to win a brand new Maruti Alto. I have been sending money through Remit2India for quiet some time now and their quick and effortless money transfer is what keeps bringing me back. I had never expected to win this prize, and I am happy to say that they made my day!”

The Remit2India team congratulates Akash Prajapati on winning the car and wishes them more luck in our future offerings!

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