Are you looking at Transferring money? What should you look for?

India recorded US$ 55 billion as remittances received and stood as the No. 1 country in 2010, as per a recent World Bank Report.

This can be attributed to the increasing emigrants’ population from India that has seen a steady increase. The rise in remittances has encouraged a lot of companies specially banks to offer remittance services. However, with intense competition there are various factors you as a customer need to be aware of while transacting money.

Undoubtedly rates are important to gain the maximum value, however factors such as Trust, Convenience, Safety, transaction charges and time taken are also important. One should also keep in mind charges such as commissions, transfer fees, service fees and others.

One of the fastest growing money transfer option that is catching on is ‘Online Money Transfer’. It offers the convenience of time along with lower transaction fees. And their rates are most competitive.

Factors that will influence your choice of selecting money transfer mode.

  • Trust
  • Convenience
  • Exchange rate
  • Customer Support
  • Security
  • Speed / Times Taken

The above elements are hygiene factors these days while you consider a money transfer mode.

You should also look out for options that save you money. While transferring money, do not opt for faster modes if the money transfer is not critical or urgent as it is the most expensive. Also it disallows large sums of transfer in one single transaction.

While using your agent / branch be aware of the hidden charges and exchange rate offered. Seek transparency of charges and time taken.

Online Money Transfer services such as Remit2India are a one-stop solution for all your money transfer needs. You can send money from 23 countries and gain benefit of most competitive exchange rates, zero transaction fees, 24×7 customer service and above all peace of mind. So be assured that all your money transfer worries are put to rest.

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