How to Transfer Money to India Cost-effectively?

If you thought banks are the only way to send money to India or any other country, think again. In the world of international remittance, choice can make a huge difference, helping you save time as well as money. You just need to explore options and look for the right remittance method that will reduce your costs and ensure a hassle-free, cost-effective remittance experience.

When choosing a remittance service provider, here are a few points you need to consider:


Currency exchange fee is one of the top factors to consider when finalizing a service provider. Banks usually charge a hefty fee with unwanted charges. This adds to the cost of your currency exchange. So, it is recommended to shop around in order to get good rates.

FX Rates

Exchange rates offered by banks are high as compared to an online remittance agency. Online agencies keep updating exchange rates to offer the best option to their clients. Banks know that they have a steady stream of customers who are looking for an easy and safe method to transfer money to India. Offering competitive exchange rates isn’t their priority. It is recommended to find a currency comparison website and compare exchange rates in real time before choosing any service provider. This will help you save time as well as money.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is equally important when sending money from one country to another. Specialized remittance service providers offer personalized services. They understand the needs of customers and provide them the right remittance solutions. Reputed agencies have 24/7 customer support. Their customer care representatives can be reached easily, whenever you have any complaint or query. Their service level is high and you can rely on them for best money transfer solutions.

International money transfers can be very expensive if you don’t compare rates and fees before choosing a service provider. The best way of finding a good remittance company is to ask for recommendations from your peers. If they also send money back home on a regular basis and are satisfied with the services of the remittance agency, you can also opt for the same service provider. You can also find a good money transfer service provider through online research. Narrow down your search to 3-4 agencies and compare their rates and services. Only a reputed agency will offer you best services at competitive rates.

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