Top 3 Tips to Ensure Safety in Online Remittance to India

Online money transfer has made life easier. It has eliminated the need to go to the bank or remittance agency every time you wish to send money to India. All you need is a safe device and internet connection to start sending money from the comfort of your home or office. However, online remittance can also pose several risks if you are not careful. It can result in the misuse of your money and confidential bank details.

Here are three tips that can save you from the challenges of online money transfer:

  1. The first tip is to ensure that the device you are using for online remittance to India is safe and free from malware. There are certain malware that can pull your personal data, bank account number, address and so on. So, before you choose a device to send money, make sure it doesn’t contain any malicious software. Never make the mistake of using a public computer for remittance. Public computers are mostly insecure, putting your personal information at risk.
  2. Make sure you have a strong password for your online banking or remittance agency account. This is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from hackers. It is recommended to have different passwords for different accounts. This is because even if one account gets hacked, other accounts will remain safe. Make the password complex so that no one else other than you can guess it. For instance, the passwords should have uppercase and lower case letters and also include numbers and symbols. It is better to keep long passwords.
  3. Third and last tip is to choose a reliable money transfer agency. There are several remittance agencies in the market but you cannot trust all service providers. Even if your device is secure, you will be putting your money at risk if you have chosen a remittance agency without research. You can ask for recommendations from your peers. If an agency has been providing its services from a long time, it can be trusted. If not, you can find names of few reputed agencies from the internet and compare their rates and other factors to choose one reliable option.

Online money transfer is one of the safest and most convenient options to remit money. However, keeping these tips in mind will surely help you ensure a hassle-free remittance experience.


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