15th August, 2012 – Celebrating India’s 66th Independence Day.


India can boast of its freedom much different than other nations, a freedom won without a war. Saw the birth of a super power, which still in many ways in its infancy.

A day to look back and feel the FREEDOM in the wind, the day the British bid adieu, a day that remind us that much more needs to be done for a majority of the population that lacks basic quality of life.

A proud moment for all and a reminder to the post-Independence born citizens to salute the endless spirit of its nation’s Heros that brought us freedom. With a promise to keep the struggle on to achieve what our leaders dreamt off.

And hope that someday our children value what they have and salute the sacrifice of many that has made this Independence Day possible.

Wishing all a Very Happy 66th Independence Day!

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