Uttar Pradesh beats Kerala second year in a row in emigrants race

For many years Kerala dominated the emigrants population for India, this came as no surprise as Kerala has the highest literacy rate amongst other states in India. Uttar Pradesh (UP) on the other side is one of the laggards in the literacy rates, however dominates in population.

The last two years have been unprecedented with UP taking lead in the emigrants race.

The ministry of overseas Indian Affairs states that emigrants for work abroad for UP stood at 1.25 lakh in 2009 vis-a-vis 1.19 lakh from Kerala. And the trend continued in 2010 with UP registering 68,375 emigrants compared with 45,278 from Kerala till June’10*

One may assume the rise in numbers for the state of UP to be due to the abundance availability of manual labourers.

States with similar outlook i.e. Bihar and Rajasthan also seem to be catching up pace in the emigrants race, perhaps for the demand for skilled labourers especially from the middle-east countries.

In the recent World Bank report on remittances, India has been ranked as # 1 remittance receiving country. An increasing number of emigrants every year could keep the number 1 position for India intact.

4 Responses to Uttar Pradesh beats Kerala second year in a row in emigrants race

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  2. Mexico and Russia are the top immigrant sending countries with an estimated 11.5 immigrants each. This is borne out by the fact that the business of wire transfer companies is booming with estimated revenues of 15 billion in 2006 and up to 30 profit margins.

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