Growth in the Indian Real Estate Sector

From 2004 until 2010, India’s average quarterly GDP growth has been 8.37 %, which has been well supported with the Indian real estate sector that has witnessed unprecedented growth.

A study conducted by Donald Trump Jr. shows that the Indian real estate market is worth US $12 billion, with the Indian real estate sector growing overall at average 34%* annually. The real estate sector is becoming one of India’s largest and most promising sectors, with many large companies and developers launching their projects.  The opportunity is clearly outlined with the huge demand for both commercial and residential projects not just in towns, but also in the interior sections of the country. All these factors coupled together have made real estate a preferred choice amongst Indians living in India and abroad.

Indians abroad, over the past few years have shown active interest in the Indian real estate sector. With promising returns and opportunities to buy home in their native place/city, many NRIs are now flocking to invest in this growing sector. Options to transfer online have also aided to their convenience overall helping NRIs to easily invest. To cater to the growing demand from non-resident Indians, real estate companies are building properties that can be compared to anywhere else in the world.

Many NRIs in their sunset years like to spend time back home. To meet their expectations, real estate companies of which many are multinationals are investing in land to create replicas of real estate properties found in the US and UK. The townships that are being created are integrated like they are abroad. This trend could create huge demand for luxurious villas, houses and apartments. With considerable growth opportunities emerging in this sector, many International real estate developers have taken notice and are actively involved. Presently, the FDI inflow into this sector is estimated to be between US$ 5 – 5.50* billion. Growth in this sector remains positive due to local demand, favorable demographics, easy housing finance, increasing professionalism in real estate and favorable reforms initiated by the government to attract local and global investors.

Source: – * Indian Realty News


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