India- An Investment Destination

Sixty years young India, and having a GDP that is touching 9%, is considered to be tomorrow’s economic superpower. With all its companies doing decently well, the Indian Share Market has become a hot and favorite destination of global investors. Liberal economic policies coupled with an ever-growing GDP are factors enticing potential investors to India.

But these factors are certainly not the only factors responsible for the sudden boom in the number of NRI investors in the Share Market of India. There are other factors as well that has given immensely colossal reasons to NRIs to commence investing in India. Here are some of the other factors, which are worthwhile for NRIs to consider investing in India.

India is synonymous with the word “resilience”. The people are pliant in catastrophe and so is the Indian market. While the world was contemplating the US Market, India, after initial jitters, was back on her feet soon. Investors are still flocking in this growing market. The resilience is mirrored in the fact that post liberalization; the economic magnification rate has reached new heights. Moreover, as India is ascending the growth ladder, we hope and expect the economy to perform even better.

The two sectors that were somewhat left unattended were those of agriculture and infrastructure. But there is a good news. For about two-three years now, these sectors have been given their due recognition. Paying more attention to these two fields implicatively insinuates increase in production and consequently, consumption. This will conspicuously lead to better standard of living and higher income levels for the Indian masses, which eventually would lead to more investments for more money to be made.

India not only has manpower quantitatively but also qualitatively. English is the dominant language in prime cities, and the engineering/technological educational institutions are providing India (and the world at large) with specialists in varied fields. So next time the ‘WHY’ comes in your mind, do ingest these reasons to put your money to work.


3 Responses to India- An Investment Destination

  1. nari says:

    thanks for sharing the thought…i had been through a number of sites for investment options.they were biased bankin opinions. Thanks for the unbiased advice

  2. Jess Thau says:

    Good article. I have to agree, with today’s economic climate I believe that a lot of people will probably agree with that.

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