Remit2India – The User Friendly Money Transfer Portal

The first trait that comes to one’s mind when they see a Patel is entrepreneurship. And Jatin Patel (43) from Hounslow in London is no different. Having set his sights on a better life 20 years back, Jatin has seen the tougher side of life and the experience has only made him come out stronger.

Now an established businessman running his flourishing grocery store business, Jatin still appreciates the value of every penny that his hard work has yielded over the years. Understandably, he sees the same value attached to money when his customers question him about the rising prices of essentials in his store. But the biggest irony that Jatin encounters is that earning enough is not the difficult part. It is sending that money back home that hurts the most!!

Not being the most computer literate or bank friendly of people, Jatin relied on a neighborhood money transfer agent to send his money back home. And since he had not explored any other option, he was resigned to the fact that he had to go through a host of documentation combined with another set of restrictions on how much he could send, to whom, for what purpose etc. Often, he was left wondering if he was actually sending his own money or going through some sort of a police investigation, that too after paying a huge premium. Moreover, Jatin’s dad used to rush to a nearby foreign exchange dealer in India with a secret password to collect the cash and ensure it is safely deposited at home. It made the whole experience seem like a scene straight out of a James Bond movie.

And at times, his frustration really boiled over. Jatin’s family back home depended on him and having built a business by himself, he was keen to set his younger brother Aadesh up to start something similar in Rajkot. Now setting up a shop requires a lot more money than running your household’s monthly expenses. So when Jatin went to his ‘friendly’ neighborhood agent, he was politely told that he would have to send the money in 6 installments over 12 months. For any self-made entrepreneur, 12 months was like an eternity – every delay meant opportunity lost.

Quite amazingly, the solution came from Aadesh. Aadesh had, through a friend, heard about Remit2India, an online remittance service from the Times Group. Considering that it was an established Group, he was keen to recommend it to Jatin. His biggest concern was – it was an online service. And given Jatin’s reluctance to even set up a Facebook account, it seemed like a huge mental block to get him to use the service. But Aadesh was confident in his own way. It cannot be tougher than the agent that Jatin uses, he said to himself. And his convincing worked. Jatin decided to give the service a try and started with a 500-pound transfer to just get a feel. And to his pleasant surprise, it worked with clockwork precision. It not only solved his problem of sending money at his convenience, it also exorcised the ghost of using the Internet.

Today, Jatin is a happy customer of Remit2India. He transacts regularly from the comfort of his home and pays much less to get his money delivered safely into a bank account in India.

Jatin’s next objective – he wants to set up his Facebook account and keep in touch with his customers online ;-)!


* This video is a dramatized enactment of customer experiences & not purported to be an endorsement.

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