Remit2India changes remittance experience for R. Suryam

User 1 :- R . Suryam, Redmond, WA

Over the last decade, India’s intellectual capital has been one of its biggest exports. Every year, thousands of skilled engineers went abroad to ply their trade either on deputation from Indian software biggies or working with the biggest names in Silicon Valley after completing their Masters.

Either ways, the American economy had fulfilled the aspirations of hundreds of such engineers from even the smaller towns in India. Something they wouldn’t probably have dreamt of had they stayed on.One such wide-eyed boy was Suryam. A telecommunication engineer from a relatively unknown college in Vishakapatnam in Andhra, Suryam had the difficult predicament of settling for a small time job in Hyderabad or pursuing a higher degree overseas, which would be his ticket to a good life. Suryam never lacked the ambition but with limited resources, he had to take a few risks. And that’s exactly what he did. Taking a huge loan on his dad’s ancestral property, Suryam applied and got through to a Masters course in a reputed University in Colorado, U.S.

After excelling in his course, he landed a plum posting with one of the biggest software companies in its sprawling campus near Seattle, Washington. The feeling of having achieved something most people of his ilk don’t even dare dream of, Suryam was on top of the world.

The family man that he was, the first thing he did after starting to earn is to send money back to his parents in Vizag. His dad banked with a nationalized bank and he was at a stage in life that the money from abroad was fast becoming more important than the meager pension he was drawing. Every month, Suryam used to send a cheque to his dad and within ‘just’ 3-4 weeks, the money would be credited to his dad’s account. The process was painful. The wait was agonizing but his dad has no option. The guilt of having to depend on his son was already killing him so a few weeks of waiting was something he had learned to live with.

However, the biggest irony about Suryam was that he was in a team responsible for creating the very tool that makes the Internet work. He knew all the complex codes & scripts that actually helped millions across the world browse the Web. But when it came to sending money back home, he opted for a route that was completely ‘offline’. Its not that he didn’t care about the problems his dad faced while receiving the money. It was just probably inertia that kept him stuck to a process that was as age old as the manual typewriter in an era of tablets & smart phones!! Until one incident made him wake up. It was his dad’s 60th birthday in a couple of weeks and if he sent money, he knew that it wouldn’t reach 2 weeks after the occasion. The guilt of not being physically present plus the fact that he had overlooked the time to send the money made Suryam wake up from his stupor. There had to be a better way to do this in this day and age.

One thing good for Suryam was that there was a strong Indian presence in his work place. In fact, he had more colleagues from near his hometown than local Americans. These friends formed the support system and also helped him sort out his problem. Sukesh, a close friend and colleague, had gone through the same cycle. But he had heard of a service called Remit2India from the Times Group and having become a regular user of the service, he was at peace.

Sukesh suggested the same idea to Suryam and it didn’t take long for an Internet junkie to get hooked on to an online service. Suryam chatted, banked, shopped, and watched TV on the Internet so this was a logical extension. Now, his transfers happen online and the money reaches in 4 days flat. No tension. No inconvenience. No worrying about the exchange rate. No missing occasions. Life was indeed simpler.

Now, a year after getting Suryam into the Remit2India fold, Sukesh still does not miss an opportunity to pull his best friend’s leg. He says that he has saved Sukesh a lot of embarrassment. A guy who writes the best Internet code for millions and not using the Internet for his own needs is akin to sacrilege. Thankfully, Suryam is no longer in that category.


* This video is a dramatized enactment of customer experiences & not purported to be an endorsement.

2 Responses to Remit2India changes remittance experience for R. Suryam

  1. mark sequeira says:

    The video is come out good.good location in the US and above all a factual experience is all that cousins in the US have been using this service and I have heard positively so far about you all..depends when i start using the service !!

    • remit2ind says:

      Hi Mark,
      We would like to take this opportunity to thank you . We @ Remit2India, put in all our efforts towards providing the best of service and our customers are our top most priority.
      We are sure that you will also soon start using this service and thereby give us an opportunity to serve you, and like we are sure to bring a smile on your face just like we have done for many other of our satisfied customers !!

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