Respite for INDIA over AYODHYA verdict!!

Finally, it’s time to call for a big celebration back here in INDIA. It’s the end of a long wait over the AYODHYA verdict. High Court awards two-thirds of disputed Ayodhya site to Hindu parties, one-third to Sunni Waqf Board.

By a 2-1 majority verdict, plaintiffs representing Lord Ram, the Nirmohi Akhara and the Waqf Board were declared joint title-holders of the property. The Bench asserted that the portion under the central dome of the demolished three-dome structure where the idol of Ram Lalla had been kept in a makeshift temple was the birthplace of Lord Rama “as per faith and belief of the Hindus.”

The Bench of Justice S.U. Khan, Justice Sudhir Agarwal and Justice D.V. Sharma dismissed the suit filed by the Sunni Waqf Board for possession of the Babri Masjid because it was time-barred. It cited faith as the basis to declare the site the janmasthan of Lord Ram, but ordered a three-way partition on the basis of historical use of the site by Muslims and Hindus. The Waqf Board said it would file an appeal in the Supreme Court against the judgment .

But All in All, the tensed cloud has disappeared and things are back to the normal pace in Mumbai (the city that never sleeps).

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