Come Together for the rehabilitation of Leh-Ladakh

Bring Hope to the ones who need it !

In times of pain and loss, togetherness, support and help can be a pillar of hope. With the recent tragedy in Leh Ladakh, it is up to all of us to help the affected ease their burdens.

Many lives were lost. Fathers, Mothers, Children. All gone in the blink of an eye. Homes were devastated and obliterated leaving people with nowhere to go.

We need to be there for the afflicted and make sure we can help them get back on their feet.

The PMO’s relief fund allows you to do your bit. Your donation directly goes into the PMO’s relief fund. Everything you donate will help in the rehabilitation of all those who lost more than just their homes. Let us bring hope and optimism in their lives once more and let them know we are there to help.

We can all work together on this and make sure that the misfortune the people of Ladakh have endured would be made bearable.

Holding hands in the face of the devastating flood, let us dry their tears.

To show your support all you need to do is:

  1. Click on “Donate Now
  2. Choose your preffered mode of payment
  3. Select PMO Relief Fund as your Receiver
  4. Your contribution will be sent directly to the PMO’s Relief fund

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