Go Gadget Winners

The past 10 days have been exciting. We have been sending out gifts to our happy remitters and they too have been happy to win these amazing prizes!

One of the winners, Ganesh Bavikatte who stays in Manchester, UK, won a fabulous Apple iPod Touch!! While we are ensuring that this reaches him in perfect condition, he reached his warm thoughts out to us and here is what he said:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent remitting services. I am regularly using your services for about 6 years. I am very happy with the support given by your team during money transferring process and after care. Your various options of delivering money is also very helpful. I found your team is very supportive and website is easy to understand. You made the process of transferring money easy for me. I could able to pay on time my various bills back home without any problems due to your excellent team and was certain about the amount of money I was transferring too.

Another UK winner, Sapan Maniyar, who won a cute Apple iPod Shuffle, said:

I have been using Remit2India to transfer money from UK to India for a past 2 years. Initiating a transfer takes only a few mintues, and the transaction can be tracked easily over phone or Internet. Complete peace of mind for online money transfer.

Do you want to see if you have won? Check out the list of winners HERE – (look for the Winners Link at the bottom of the page)

You too could win one of 6 fabulous products every day or the super-awesome Apple iPad! Who knows 🙂

Try it out today. If you are not registered with Remit2India, then you should send money to India using Remit2India and you could also win great prizes.

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