Sending Rupees from USA

You have to pay your LIC premia or you want to send a friend a money gift of Rs. 501. Imagine sending money to India from the United States in Indian Rupees rather than in US Dollars! If you have to send money to your father for the down payment of a new car or home using the standard sending options, you may not be sure how much money you need to send that will cover the expense. This is not the case anymore.

That’s all possible now with Remit2India’s Rupee Express. Send money to India in Rupees right down to the last paisa and it will reach your beneficiary in 5 working days.

Once you log in to your Remit2India account and select Rupee Express as your sending option, you will be directed to a page that will guide you to exactly how much you will send to India at what rate and you are guaranteed that the amount you desire will reach India intact!

And coupled with Transaction Insurance, you can rest assured that your money will reach home GUARANTEED!

So send money today with Remit2India, the safe way to transfer money to India.

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