Arvind Verma won cash prize of Rs. 5000 with R2I’s March Money Mania

It feels great when people tell you how happy they are with your service. Arvind Verma from New South Wales, Australia won the daily contest for Remit2India’s March Money Mania on 12th March 2010.

At Remit2India customer service is our highest priority. We try to make online remittance safer, faster and secure. Arvind Verma transferred money with Remit2India and won a cash prize of Rs. 5000 under the March Money Mania offer.

Arvind took this opportunity to convey to us, how Remit2India has become a part of his family. He says, “I was informed by Paul J, Relationship Manager, Remit2India, that I have won a prize of Rs. 5000. This was probably not possible without help from R2I and Paul. I just wanted to thank Paul for this. I also want to convey that Paul is an excellent Relationship Manager who is always willing to help and calls me whenever I need to transfer money. His courteous and amicable behaviour keeps me engaged and I feel like talking to him. Keep it up Paul!!”

Remit2India’s March Money Mania is an offer where we add more to the amount that a customer sends back home. People can also win assured daily and weekly prizes on every transaction with Remit2India. So don’t wait any further, cash amounts up to INR 20,000 are waiting for you!

Keep remitting with Remit2India and lady luck may shine on you too.

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