What you can count, makes you feel better!

How often do we get lucky? Well, that is what we at Remit2India have for you, offers after offers for you to get lucky. We are honoured and touched by your response for the ‘Cash and Car offer’. It inspires us to keep working and helps us serve you better.  It’s an awesome feeling! After bringing smiles to our customers’ faces with the recently concluded ‘Cash and Car offer’, we bring you yet another reason to smile.

This month, we thought of sharing our love with you, through the “March Money Mania”. We figured, gifts in kind are good but what you can count makes you feel better. So w

e decided to add money to your account for every Dollar/Pound/Euro you send to your family or friends!

Not only that, but we are also taking the liberty of putting your name into our luck draw where you may win daily or weekly sweepstakes. Our offer is open for not only you but also all the friends that you refer our services to. Unfortunately this offer is valid only till the 8th of April for now. (THAT’S NEXT MONTH!!! SO HURRY)

We nearly forgot!! We made a small little gizmo for you to see what you win and how! It’s called the “Cash-o-Meter”. It’s quite intelligent! As you enter your figure for transfer, you see how much you will get back as an assured gift! Watch it as it shows you how much richer you will be after the transfer!

Cool, huh? Well what you waiting for – head on over to our website and remit and win with Remit2India! And if you are new to this, then sign on here! See you soon!

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