Congratulations Nimish Arora!!!! For winning a brand new Maruti Suzuki Alto With Remit2India’s Cash and Car Offer

The offer with the biggest sweepstakes ever, has announced its first winner. Nimish Arora, Greeville, South Carolina, United States is the proud winner of the Remit2India Cash and Car offer.
Here is what Nimish had to say about Remit2India and on winning the Maruti Alto, which came to him as a surprise:

“Best exchange rate and convenience drove me to remit2india three years back and I have been a loyal customer ever since. Well the service has been fantastic. Reliability, Security and Efficiency is unmatchable compared to their peers. Customer service has always been exceptional. It has always been rewarding to remit money through TimesofMoney with a little bonus added to every transaction. Every penny I saved over the last three years has been transferred through remit2ndia. The biggest advantage is no daily limits, no weekly limits; when I had to buy a dwelling for myself, I was able to transfer all money instantly. Thanks from a very satisfied customer. After being a proud winner of Alto, it’s even more rewarding to transfer money now.

Nimish Arora”

The Remit2India team congratulated Nimish on winning the brand new car and wished him good luck for his future endeavors

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