Remit2India Cash and Car offer: One brand, 6 Cars, a million dreams

Remit2India Cash and Car NRI Send Money to India

Send money to India, Win exciting prizes: Remit2India Cash and Car

This New Year, Google tie-up with Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 3 is not the only bl

ockbuster initiative to be unleashed on the internet. Remit2India promises to kick start this New Year with a bang by unleashing its “Cash and Car offer”.

Remit2India’s Cash and Car offer provides its NRI customers the chance to win a brand new luxury car and 5 small cars along with an assured gift for sending money to their friends and relatives in India, for limited period only.

All you have to do is log on to or an

d send money to your loved ones back in India. All new customers will receive an assured US $10 added to their transfers on their first transaction. Existing Remit2India customers will receive $15 Gift Voucher on their first transaction conducted in the promo period.

  • All eligible customers automatically qualify for the bumper prize of one Maruti Suzuki SX4 and five Maruti Altos via sweepstake

The bumper prize winners will be announced on the website and intimated via mail at the end of the offer period. The bumper prize will be delivered to customer’s relatives in India. The gift vouchers (e-vouchers) can be redeemed from anywhere at the Window2India gifting catalogue by visiting

With Valentines Day not too far, hurry and take part in this unique offer at the earliest.

Meanwhile, we will be announcing a unique campaign linked to Remit2India Cash and Car promo on Facebook. Keep watching this space to stay updated on the latest offerings and announcements.

Add Remit2India by visiting The Remit2India Facebook Brand page for latest updates and much much more…

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