Remit2India ‘Har Din Diwali’ contest game launched

Play a simple interactive game and win prizes!!

Wanna know an easy way to win gifts for free this Diwali season? Enter Remit2India ‘Har Din Diwali’ contest!! Over 400 prizes worth more than Rs. 30 Lakh will be given away to more than 1 Lakh customers who enter the contest.

All you have to do is visit or the “Har Din Dhamaal” contest microsite and play a really easy interactive game. The game requires users to spot the gifts and prizes on offer with a magnifying glass placed in an art-deco living room. Gift items include Air Conditioners, Cameras, LCDs, Laptops, Apple ipods, Vaccum Cleaners, Home Theatre Systems, Mobile phones, etc which are on the list of “must have” this Diwali season of everyone. Once the user has crossed a level, she moves to the next one, where hidden objects need to be unearthed.

The teaser game can be played multiple times, and is shareable with friends. So don’t forget to play the game to win exciting prizes this Diwali season and spread the word. Contest winners and Super Bumper Dhamaal prize winner will be announced on the microsite.

The contest prizes and gifts are currently hidden under a shroud of mystery which will be unveiled on the contest microsite sooner than you think!! Expect a blockbuster announcement which will blow your mind in the next two days.

Till then keep spotting the hidden objects until we reveal the hidden story.

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