Remit2India’s T20 Challenge – a runaway success

Remit2India’s T20 Challenge has been a runaway success! Hordes of NRI cricket enthusiasts tried their luck and cashed-in on their knowledge of cricket pocketing a whopping Rs 10,000/- as prize money on Remit2India’s T20 Challenge!!. All they needed to do was take a simple cricket quiz. And for cricket enthusiasts that was not asking for much. Cricket buffs Shalaka Rane from Oregon, Sumit Vadodaria from Washington, Niranjan Chhatre from California and Umesh Pant from Pennsylvania were some of them who struck it lucky with the cricket quiz. Remit2India’s T20 Challenge was launched by Remit2India, one of the most preferred online money transfer services by NRIs. Remit2India helps you remit money to India fast, easily with maximum security. Being the World’s number 1 independent online money transfer portal* for NRIs it offers superior exchange rates, zero transfer fees and helps you track your remittance with ease.

*As per the survey conducted  by ACNielsen ORG Marg

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