Remit2India’s T20 Challenge – a hit with NRI cricket buffs

Cricket fever is on a high! For, Remit2India’s T20 Challenge brought to you by Remit2India money transfers has several NRI cricket enthusiasts falling over each other to grab loads of prizes on offer.

If you’re an NRI and are obsessed with cricket, here’s your golden chance to win like never before. The rules of the game are simple – all you need to do is register yourself (if you’re not a registered Remit2India customer yet), send money to your loved ones in India and take a simple cricket quiz. That’s all.

So cash-in on your knowledge of cricket and become super-rich overnight. For, over Rs 9 lakh in cash are up for grabs! Besides, there are daily sweepstakes too worth Rs 10,000/. And over 1200 winners to be announced. It was only recently that Remit2India had launched the Summer Carnival celebrations which received an amazingly overwhelming response from NRIs. Most struck it lucky by winning DVD players, Microwaves, MP4 players, Foot Spa’s, Food Processors apart from making the most of a weekly bumper prize. Among others Gaurav Jain, Sanjay Ladha and Manoj Rath were excited about winning a cool 26” LCD television set each. The mega success of the Carnival celebrations and the ever-increasing demand from NRIs for similar programs is one of the reasons why Remit2India has launched the Remit2India T20 Challenge. Such programs have turned out to be a big hit and NRI customers keep coming back asking for more.

Customer satisfaction has always been the motto at Remit2India. The world’s number one independent online money transfer portal for NRIs, Remit2India enables NRIs to send money from 22 countries across the world to India and offers value, convenience, transparency and security to customers. Remit2India is the most safe and secure online money transfer portal. For, it uses 128-bit encryption which guarantees maximum safety and security. The site has an online tracker that enables you to track your money transfer easily. Besides, superior exchange rates, zero transfer fees coupled with excellent customer service are some of the reasons why Remit2India is the only online money transfer service NRIs trust.

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