Remit2India’s Summer Carnival – NRI winners rejoice

Remit2India’s Summer Carnival has taken off in a big way from 8th May 2009 and will be on for a month with loads of prizes up for grabs. Remit2India’s NRI customers can easily win DVD players,Microwaves, MP4 players, Foot Spa’s, Food Processors and the like. Besides, there’s a weekly bumper prize too – a cool 26” LCD television set if he/she strikes lucky. And all Remit2India customers need to do is send money home.
Yes! Remit atleast 3000 in any currency be it USD, GBP, AUD or any other to the beneficiary in India. That’s all.

The offer is open to existing Remit2India customers as well as new. So if you’re looking at making the most of the offer and are not a Remit2India customer yet, hurry. Sign up right away and get going. New customers transacting for the first time can benefit in two ways. You pocket an additional $5 on your remittance regardless of the value of your transaction. Yes. It’s assured. No strings attached!
Besides, you’ll be eligible for the Summer Carnival prizes too. Which means double bonanza.

The Carnival celebrations are on in full swing with customers falling over each other to make the most of the sweepstakes. Some have already won exciting goodies and are all gung-ho about Remit2India’s Summer Carnival. For instance Subhash Sharma from the US won an awesome Maharaja Food processor while Sujith Menon living in the UK struck it lucky with a Nokia Mobile 7210. Umesh Inamdar and Dakshayani Polineni from the US won a fabulous Videocon Ref Minibar and a Kodak Digicam respectively.
Customers are all praises for Remit2India’s Summer Carnival. For, everyone is turning a winner. This latest offering from Remit2India has already turned out to be a big hit with most NRIs. Reason why an increasing number of NRIs are signing up to make the most of the Summer Carnival and win handsomely. If you’re game for some exciting prizes, log on to and get going.

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