Remit2India launches new referral program for NRIs!

May 1 2009: Remit2India, the online money transfer service for NRIs recently launched a unique member-get-member program for its customers. Aptly titled MOR (Money on Referral), the program gives customers the opportunity to make money by simple referring their friends & family to remit2india.  MOR follows a simple format where NRI customers can refer as many friends to the Remit2India service.  For every friend who uses the service, the NRI customer gets a guaranteed $10.  In fact, for the friend just signing up for the service, the NRI gets $3 per friend. 
The customer has the choice to redeem this for cash or even as a Gift Voucher against a host of gifting items from a special catalog. So even if the NRI has 10 friends or colleagues who use the service, he stands to get $100 assured. In these recessionary times, it sure helps having a lot of friends around you – especially if you are using Remit2India. This innovative & easy to use offer is available to NRIs across the globe.
More details on the program & service are available on the website Remit2India is an online money transfer service from the Times Group. It has been serving NRIs over the last 8 years and now has over half-a-million customers regularly sending money back home. The service is available free to NRIs in N.America, Europe, Australia, South-East Asia & the Middle East to send money to India for family, buying property, to any NRE a/c, to make a donation or even to pay utility bills.

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