Guaranteed Rates on NRI money transfers – Remit2India

Sending money to India through wire-transfers & checks has always had one pain point for NRIs across the globe – they never know the exchange rate that they are going to get for their transfer. But with the advent of online money transfer services, a lot has changed. And now, NRIs have something where they can actually choose the rate at which they want to send money home.

Remit2India, the pioneering online money transfer service from the Times Group, has launched its GRT (Guaranteed Exchange Rate) service. What it does is that it gives the NRI customer an option to choose either the default rate on the day the money is sent out or, alternatively, choose the rate that is available at the time of making the transfer.

The latter option is the first in the remittance space and helps the customer guard against any fluctuations in the rates that would apply in case of a normal transaction.

The GRT service adds to the already existing range of money transfer options available on remit2india. More details of the service & the GRT product are available on the official website,

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