Ugadi celebrations at Remit2India!

Mar 30 2009: This month saw the culmination of 2 very important occasions for Indians across the world – Ugadi & Gudipadwa. The new year for some of the biggest communities was marked with festivities across the globe.

And it was no different with the most preferred money transfer destination for NRIs. Remit2India, the online remittance service from the Times Group, ran a special offer for its customers in the last week of the month.

To make the occasion of sending money to their loved ones an extra special one, Remit2India was offering special prizes of jewelry and gift vouchers to its customers. On offer for the NRI were 2 diamond necklaces, 2 gold ear-rings, a gold chain and gift vouchers worth Rs.500 each. All the NRI needed to do was send money during the week and he or she stood a chance of winning these prizes.

Remit2India also announced the winners of the jewelry prizes. They include:

Sunil Sukhtankar from California, U.S – Diamond Necklace

Veeratrishul Allareddy from Georgia, U.S – Diamond Necklace

Prashant Mishra from ACT, Australia – Gold Earrings

Ojili Reddy from Florida, U.S – Gold Earrings

Shakshi Singhal from Ohio, U.S – Gold Chain

So, it was indeed a very rewarding new year for NRIs across the globe. More details on the offer & the service are available on the website,

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