Remit2india: NRIs – now pay utility bills in India, online

Imagine you are sitting 4000 miles away from home & you get a sudden email alert in your Inbox “Your Landline Bill payment is due. Please pay at any of our centers in Chennai immedieately”.

For an NRI, managing utility bill payments in India is often a nightmare. With different time-zones, no one who you can send the payment with, very limited online options & so on, it sure can be an unnecessary pain to deal with.  But now there is a solution in sight. Remit2India, the online money transfer service for NRIs, has recently launched a service called ‘BillPay2India’. As the name suggests, the service allows NRIs across the globe to pay a wide range of utility bills across 28 cities in India. The list of bills that can be paid range across landline & mobile service providers, electricity bills etc. In all, there are 55 service providers across the country, listed for the service.

To make the process even simpler, Remit2India allows the NRI to choose the exact rupee amount that he wishes to make the payment for, irrespective of the currency that he is using. BillPay2India is definitely making the world smaller for the global Indian.

More details on the service are available on the website,

3 Responses to Remit2india: NRIs – now pay utility bills in India, online

  1. Remit2india the best on-line money transfer service I’ve ever used. I see some negitive comments but it seem to be around that persons credit problems. I highly recommend remit2india, giving them a try.

  2. Deepak says:

    I think Remit2india is the best way to send money. Remit2india a Quick, professional service, low fees!

  3. Varun Verma says:

    I found Remit2india is the Cheapest and safe Way to Send Money to India. thanks Remit2india for such service.

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