Remit2India launches new Brand TVC

Oct 14 2008

Remit2India, the leading online remittance brand from TimesofMoney, recently launched its new ad commercial for the international market. Keeping in line with its positioning as a one-stop shop for all money transfer needs to India, the commercial talks about the dreams & aspirations of different NRIs & how remit2india offers a safe & convenient channel to fulfill them. It starts with a young NRI girl in a U.S cafe dreaming about gifting her dad in India a car. It then goes on to showcase different scenarios of an NRI buying property, saving in his NRE account in India, donating for a cause & paying utility bills. The commercial ends with all the NRIs converging in one place & putting their ‘wish’ in a remit2india box.

The commercial would be aired in Indian GEC & regional language channels, overseas.

One Response to Remit2India launches new Brand TVC

  1. Rakesh says:

    A transfer security, privacy, nice currency exchange rates service Remit2india!

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