Remit2India offers insurance cover for transactions

Mumbai : Think about it. If you have insured the primary concern of a customer, you have pretty much guaranteed and ensured his smile. Thats exactly what Remit2India, the worlds No. 1 independent online money transfer portal, has done for all its customers. For the very first time in the industry, Remit2India has insured each and every money transfer done through its website.

Web-based money transfers, though completely secure, are often perceived to be otherwise due to widespread practice of fraudulent emails, hacking, phishing, etal, Remit2India has insured this value proposition.

The money is insured against any kind of financial loss on account of negligence, technology issues (viruses/hacking), dishonest acts by company employees, or non-delivery of funds due to loss in transmission, dispatch of error in processing.

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