Remit2india uses Paypal

REMIT2INDIA recently launched Fast Track, a product that enables Instant Online Money Transfers through PayPals online payments service. Fast Track has created a wave in the remittance industry as it marks the fastest web-based method of sending money home. For long, there has been a need in the market for an emergency solution to send money home. NRIs have traditionally banked on offline methods of transferring money, viz, Swift Transfers through banks and agencies like Western Union and Money Gram. The price paid for time, through, is prohibitive Fast Track is committed to change the rule of the game by coupling instant money transfers with affordability. Through this agreement, Pay-Pal users with an existing account can remit funds to India by sending money to Remit2Indias Paypal account. Paypal account. Paypal  enables anyone with an e-mail address to send and receive money and make payment for purchases online. Paypal is available in 45 countries and six currencies, and is an ideal solution for international payments. It has more than 63m member accounts and transacted $ 18bn in total payment volume in 04 the money transfer process is simple. The remitter a logs on to,, books a transaction on Fast Track and initiates a credit instruction from his existing PayPal account into Remit2Indias account. The money is converted into India rupees and the funds are dispatched to the beneficiary.

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