Remit2India for the first time

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“I transferred USD 15000 using Remit2India last month for the first time. The registration process was quick, but my bank account verification took a while. As assured on the site, the money was delivered to my beneficiary within four days. Appreciate the speedy delivery service and the fact that I could send a large amount through you.

~Srinivas P, Portland, Oregon

One Response to Remit2India for the first time

  1. Chet says:

    I transfered 9000 USD money from on 18th Oct and still i didn’t received money Nov 4th 2008.Moreover it was been said that our staff will updated me with my current status but what can expect from irresponsible company who don’t care to call their customer and keep their promises. I am really frustrated with your services and no one is takeing responsibility. i am calling everyone in the company to know what my status is but no one is able to answer me. i even send three complaint but no answer from their side.As i said nothing can be expected from such worse company. No where in their website it clearly says where my money is?.i am really frustrated with such a service and looking forward to talk with higher management (if you company have) to resolve this issue.

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